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Bold Measures to Preserve Green Spaces and Prioritise Community Well-being

In a landmark move aimed at prioritising the needs of its residents and safeguarding the natural beauty of the region, HBC has unveiled a pioneering Local Plan that revolutionises the approach to housing development. Rejecting the conventional method of simply fulfilling government housing quotas, this visionary plan adopts a community-centric strategy, emphasising the utilisation of brownfield sites and the preservation of invaluable green spaces.

Central to the Local Plan’s innovative approach is the commitment to delivering housing solutions that meet the genuine needs of the community, rather than merely satisfying arbitrary government figures. Through meticulous assessment and consultation, Hertsmere Labour has identified key areas where sustainable development can thrive, while simultaneously protecting the borough’s most cherished landscapes.

Bold Moves in Addressing Housing Issues Across Hertsmere


In Bushey, the Local Plan signifies a departure from previous practices, with the removal of proposed developments at Compass Park, Harts Farm, Heathbourne Green, and Bushey Mill Lane. Instead, the plan advocates for the utilisation of previously developed land, exemplified by the redevelopment of the Bushey Country Club site, fostering a more balanced and sustainable approach to urban growth.

Potters Bar

Potters Bar sees a significant shift with the removal of PB3. Additionally, the plan introduces the revitalisation of brownfield sites, such as the Canada Life area, demonstrating a commitment to maximising existing resources while minimising the impact on the surrounding environment.


Potters Bar
Potters Bar


In Radlett, the Local Plan prioritises the preservation of green spaces by removing proposed developments at Shenley Hill. These measures underscore Hertsmere Labour’s dedication to maintaining the borough’s rural character and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.


Shenley witnesses a strategic realignment with the removal of Grange North (Longview) and the introduction of sustainable development at Shenley Grange South. This approach reflects a nuanced understanding of local needs and aspirations, ensuring that future growth is both responsible and community driven.


The new plan includes the removal of proposed developments on Cowley Hill Green belt in Borehamwood, effectively protecting this cherished area from urban expansion. Additionally, plans for the majority of the GB Media Quarter in Well End have been scrapped, signifying a shift towards more community-focused development initiatives.



South Mimms 

South Mimms experiences a significant reduction in proposed developments, underscoring the Local Plan’s commitment to preserving natural habitats and promoting biodiversity.

Bowmans Cross

Bowmans Cross adopts an entirely new approach, emphasising a smaller footprint, higher sustainability standards, and improved transportation infrastructure, thereby mitigating the adverse effects of unchecked urban expansion.

Community Engagement and Environmental Stewardship

Crucially, the Local Plan’s development process has been characterised by extensive community engagement and collaboration, ensuring that the voices of residents are heard and valued. By prioritising sustainability, green spaces, and the preservation of heritage, Hertsmere Labour sets a precedent for responsible urban planning that prioritizes the well-being of both current and future generations.

Cllr Nik Oakley, ¬†Planning portfolio holder at Hertsmere, remarked, “Our Local Plan represents a paradigm shift in how we approach housing and development. By prioritizing community needs and preserving our natural environment, we are laying the foundation for a more sustainable and equitable future for all residents of Hertsmere.”

With the unveiling of this ground-breaking Local Plan, Hertsmere Labour reaffirms its commitment to fostering vibrant, inclusive communities while safeguarding the precious resources that make the borough a truly special place to call home.

The plan will go out for consultation officially on the 3rd April. Cllr Oakley and the Planning Team will be taking this plan on a roadshow to all corners of the Borough during the consultation period

However, prior to this, Hertsmere Labour want to speak to residents immediately now this draft plan has been published.

We are holding a meeting at Allum Manor in Borehamwood, Monday 18th March, 19:30 to speak to you!

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